10 August 2020

Dead Crow Road "She's Mine" at Number 9 in the Radio Indie Alliance Chart.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the radio stations out there playing our music.


"What an amazing, uplifting track that is."  - Kevin J Mann

UK Independent.  Thanks Kevin.

6 August 2020

Release of winning song from Music Advice Exchange First Cut Songwriters contest.  Written by Chloe Foston.

24 July 2020

The official US release of DCR's new single "She's Mine".

Available on all platforms at the click of a mouse.

13 July 2020

Official YouTube release of our new single She's Mine.

3 July 2020

First Nashville play of our new single She's Mine.

First up on the Freddy Cannon from Nashville show.




"This jacuzzi of vibrant talent clearly can't help but bubble up music as naturally as waking up in the morning, or is that the afternoon?" Love that line -  Thanks Guys


"I really like this song - "She's Mine" .  I think it's a hit.  I think it's awesome.  I think a lot of people need to hear this song."  - Thanks Mitch